Xposition S

Dedicated to Challenging Lesions

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  • Dedicated to challenging lesions


    The only stent designed to respect the natural calibre differences and adapt to the changes in vessel diameter caused by thrombus absorption that are often seen in challenging lesions

  • Actively adapting and self-apposing to variances in vessel diameter


    Unlike conventional balloon expandable stents, the self-apposing nature of Xposition S allows the stent to adapt to variances in vessel diameter

  • Xposition S is able to remove both the complications of distal oversizing and proximal undersizing


    with a single stent able to adapt to a range of vessel diameters, Xposition S is able to avoid the risks of distal oversizing and proximal undersizing that may be present with a balloon expandable stent.

  • and those procedural risks inherent in trying to optimise a conventional DES to varying diameters or thrombus presence


    Self-Apposing stents require no stent optimisation to adapt to varying vessel diameters, post dilation is strongly recommended to ensure complete stent and lesion expansion.

  • Self-Apposing® Stents demonstrate complete and continuous apposition despite changes in vessel diameter over time


    The Self-Apposing nature of Xposition S allows it to adapt to changes in vessel diameter over time (such as those caused by resolution of spasm or thrombus dissolution) unlike conventional balloon expandable stents which are unable to adapt after implantation


    * Van Geuns, Apposition IV final Results, Oral presentation at PCR 2014

    **  van Geuns et al. Self-Expanding Versus Balloon-Expandable Stents in AMI, JACC : I, Vol 5, 1 2 , 2012 Dec:1209-19.

  • With Excellent Angiographic and Clinical results


    Over 2,500 patients in STENTYS clinical trials with STENTYS STENT platform including bare-metal, paclitaxel-eluting and Sirolimus-eluting stents with 2 different delivery systems



  • Product codes


    Guidewire compatibility: 0.014’’ (0.35mm). Guiding catheter compatibility: 6F (2.0mm). Useable catheter length 139cm

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    Details of selecting an Xposition S case and procedural details

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