A radical technological improvement in heart attack treatment

Founded in 2006, STENTYS has developed a new generation of stent*, specialized in the treatment of heart attacks (or Acute Myocardial Infarction). This revolutionary self-apposing stent can adapt to the anatomical changes of the coronary arteries during the post-infarction phase so as to stay permanently in contact with the vessel wall.

This stent is the most advanced and safest treatment for patients. It has been introduced in response to demands from cardiologists for improved stent solutions for AMI, a major cardiovascular pathology which is widespread across western countries and represents a 2 billion dollar market. 

The Stentys technology is protected by strong patents, has proved its effectiveness in several clinical trials and has received CE Marking, the regulatory approval allowing sales in the European Union.

STENTYS markets its innovative stents in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America and aims to become the gold standard in heart attack treatments on long term. 

Christophe Lottin, Chief Executive Officer


A new era in the treatment of Coronary Disease

The STENTYS self-apposing stent is a fundamental innovation that radically improves the treatment of myocardial infarction and represents a breakthrough in the way it is treated.  As we better understand the devastating consequences of malapposition, the STENTYS approach, while resolving artery mismatch with conventional stents, represents a new era in the treatment of coronary disease and improves the outcome of this deadly disease. 

Adressing a $ 2 billion market, STENTYS is on the path to control this key market. 

Michel Darnaud, Chairman


*A stent is a small, metallic meshed tube that is implanted in a coronary artery in order to treat a blockage or a narrowing of the artery.  There are several types of stents depending on pathologies.  Before STENTYS, there was no stent specializing in heart attack treatments.

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