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STENTYS offers a simple, innovative portfolio of solutions to interventional cardiologists when treating the challenging lesions of their patients.

The Self-Apposing® Xposition S is dedicated to the treatment of challenging lesions. When faced with a situation where choosing the appropriate stent size is not easy, due to variance in vessel calibre, the presence of a heavy thrombus load or a large vessel, the Self-Apposing platform provides an efficient and elegant new treatment approach. STENTYS Self-Apposing stents can cater for a range of vessel diameters and is able to adapt itself acutely to different diameters along the vessel.  It can also continue to expand over time to remain apposed to the vessel, even when there is positive remodelling. All without the need for additional stent optimisation techniques.

MiStent SES is designed to improve safety and clinical outcomes compared to previous generation of conventional drug eluting stents. The unique combination of a thin strut stent with a rapidly (3  months) absorbed polymer and a crystalline form of sirolimus is designed to limit the duration of polymer exposure, optimise healing, and provide a more precise, consistent and sustained elution drug elution (up to 9 months).

The STENTYS AC aspiration catheter is a deliverable thrombectomy device with one of the largest effective extraction lumen cross-sectional areas and has a ~26% greater extraction speed compared with market-leading devices

NOTE: All of the above products are currently CE marked but are not FDA approved and are not available for sale in the United States of America

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