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Everything you knew about bioabsorbable polymer stents has changed. MiStent is the only stent which is tailored to the vessel response, optimising patient outcomes by ensuring sustained drug release long after its polymer coating is absorbed, thanks to its unique crystalline drug release technology.

MiStent is a registered trademark of Micell Technologies, Inc.

Unique Crystalline Drug Delivery

MiStent SES delivers sirolimus, in a crystalline form, to the tissue. This unique method of delivery allows for a sustained drug presence that is maintained after the polymer is absorbed

Gradual, Linear and Long-Term Elution Profile

Unique to MiStent SES sirolimus is maintained in a microcrystalline matrix and elution is sustained up to 9 months, as opposed to a conventional DES which utilises an amorphous form of drug and a much shorter elution period.

Rapid Polymer Absorption with Sustained Drug Presence

Thin Strut Design

Outstanding Acute Performance

Rapid Strut Coverage

Uncovered struts are predictive of late stent thrombosis

0% Stent Thrombosis (Definite and Probable) at 4 years in both DESSOLVE I and II studies

Lansky, A., Device and Clinical Program Highlights: Micell Presentation at TCT 2015.

Low Late Lumen Loss

Low Late Lumen Loss Progression

Slow Progression of TLR over Time

Proven Long Term Safety

Product Codes

Guidewire compatibility 0.014” (0.35mm).

2.5, 2.75, 3.0mm diameters are compatible with a 5F (1.7mm) Guiding Catheter,

3.5mm diameters are compatible with a 6F (2.0mm) Guiding Catheter

Updated 2017-07-28