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While aspiration is a good first line of intervention to remove most of the thrombus from the artery, there remains a significant amount of thrombus covering the interior wall of the artery, making it difficult to judge the actual size of the artery and the precise location of the culprit lesion.  STENTYS technology is well-suited in such situations because of the gentle, self-apposing nature of Nitinol that is coupled with an intricate stent design.  These properties enable the stent to tailor its size to the vessel dimater when the actual vessel size is obscured and to provide excellent wall apposition as well as sustained coverage and scaffolding for any remaining thrombus as it dissolves over time.


The STENTYS stent is deployed in a spasmodic vessel, with a heavy load of thrombus.

As spasm is resolved and thrombus dissolves, the STENTYS stent continues its expansion and maintains constant apposition to the vessel wall.

Updated 2017-07-28